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Sugar Coded

Logo Design

Sugar Coded is a trendy online boutique with limited edition clothing that highlights women in STEM, culture and diversity. The logo went a series of sketching, and changes in order to portray a trendy, fun look.

First Sketches:

Iterations on Sketches


Final Decisions:

Additional Artwork:


Maddy's Little Red Barn

Logo Design

Maddy's Little Red Barn & Boutique is a local organic gardener growing and selling homegrown/locally grown produce. This logo required an organic look just like the produce grown from the gardener. 

Maddy's Little Red Barn-03.png
Persephone's Elysium.png

Persephone's Elysium

Logo Design

This logo was created for a lifestyle website that has a little bit of everything such as crystals, soaps, body butter, skin cleansers, plant/garden seeds & bulbs, budding plants, succulents, fire hula hoops, and a pet section. The client was truly passionate about her brand and wanted to capture it in this way. 

Lizs Logo.png

Way of Refuge 

Logo Design

Way of Refuge is a "faith based streetwear for every soul". Taking the concept of the lion and the lamb and merging them together to create this logo. 

Carlos Logo with crook.png

The Anything Goes Podcast

Logo Design

The "Anything Goes" Podcast was created mainly in Adobe Illustrator. The client wanted a simple yet effective design that would capture attention.

The Anything Goes PodCast Logo.png

Fat Hogs BBQ Competition

Logo Design

Fat Hogs was commissioned for a Local BBQ group that was competing in a summer competition. The goal was to portray a fun and appropriate logo for the group. Sketches and further iterations in Adobe Illustrator were done to achieve the overall look. 

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Yellow Bats.jpg



Zion_Brochure 3.png



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