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Barnibee & the Bullies

Children's Book

Project Duration: 8 months

Barnibee and the Many Bullies is a children’s book that contains creative, relatable characters that bullied children can relate to and learn from. It also relates to the grown up parents who have experienced bullying when they were younger and want to pass on this form of knowledge to their children, and it also assures the caring, and loving parents that their child are reading a book that will deliver a positive message.

The Book's Description: 

Join Barnibee, the caring and adventurous fruit bat, on a journey through the forests of the African Savannah. Barnibee will help several  of his friends over come their struggles and problems with bullies, while along his journey for trinkets and treasures.

Step 1: Logo Designs

Step 2: Character Design

Many sketches and ideas were created in order to adapt Barnibee's perfect image and overall style of the children's book. 

Step 3: Story Boarding

Storyboarding and Color Selection

Step 4: Page Finalization

Development of final page art and storyline.

The Final Product

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